Fox hiding in the Woods Hat


Handmade vintage-style hat in light-weight fleece depicting foxes. Vegan.


A fabulously foxy hat in light-weight fleece, patterned with orange foxes curled up on a light beige background, scattered with a few spots of snow.

Lined in 100% cotton, patterned in leaves and berries, in shades of rich autumnal colours of russett, ochre and soft  brown.

The brim of the hat is not fastened, so it can be pulled fully down in case of bad weather, or rolled gently back to reveal a flash of the lining.

The decoration on the right-hand side of the hat is an assymetrical rosette with a silver-coloured leafy charm, a snug fox button, a hessian flower and a few loops of fleece!

Hand wash at 30 degrees (inside out to protect decoration).  Dry naturally.

The inner rim of the hat has a slight stretchy give.  The inner circumference of the hat is 23 inches (59cm.)

From the lower edge of the rim (fully down), to the outer edge of the crown of the hat : 7 inches. (18cm.)

Diameter of the crown of the hat : 8 inches. (20cm.)

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keeping your inner child warm 😉