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The briefest description of EFT / Tapping

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EFT   (Emotional Freedom Techniques)  aka ‘Tapping’ ~  is a non-intrusive, holistic therapy technique.  It often produces surprising and sometimes startling results in clearing  negative emotional patterns and self-inhibiting beliefs ~ the ones that hold us back and keep us from living our happiest and most abundant life.

EFT combines the ancient healing practice of Traditional Acupuncture and a vast new understanding of Energy Medicine, with neuroscience and modern psychology techniques.

EFT stimulates pathways of Chi Energy, known as meridians.
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, a healing system that was developed centuries ago,  stimulates the flow of Chi Energy using fine needles inserted into particular points along the meridians, in order to achieve emotional and physical well-being.   Acupuncture is a form of holistic healing that remains popular today.   Acupressure also stimulates the energy pathways.

In EFT, the Chi Energy is stimulated simply by Tapping with two or three fingers on each of a series of key Acu-Points. 

While at the same time, repeating certain specially constructed phrases to remain focused on a specific negative emotionally-charged issue, and reset it, so the negative charge is removed.

Which is why it's often called Tapping!

Through this simple process, EFT creates a direct line to the sub-conscious, clearing away unwanted thought patterns, de-activating triggers and restoring our positive self-belief and optimism in life.  It’s a simple technique, specifically developed to be accessible to all of us as a self-help tool.

There is nevertheless an artistry to EFT that comes with practice and growing self-awareness.

How Tapping can help ... in a nutshell ...

Stressful events throughout our lives set up negative and restrictive beliefs in our sub-conscious.

The natural flow of Chi Energy becomes disrupted.  Negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs are built into our system, and dictate how we function.  Often there will be a complex tangle of different deep beliefs that keep us stuck, feeling unfulfilled and unhappy.

EFT clears the disruptions in the energy flow, clearing away our physical and emotional pain.  We begin to experience real emotional freedom and the pathway to the changes we want to make emerges. 

The founder of EFT, Gary Craig, said that we all live in a Palace of Possibilities. 

Many of us choose to occupy one or two familiar rooms. 

We do this because we feel safe and comfortable surrounded by what we know.  Even when we are fundamentally unhappy. Because we can feel too threatened by newness and change.  But then we also want to move forward in our lives …. we have dreams and desires, hopes and goals, yet to be fulfilled. 

Sometimes, we’re not even sure what holds us back. Because it’s buried in our sub-conscious.  And this is where EFT comes in.

So Tapping will help us to negotiate change, by addressing our negative beliefs and removing them ~  allowing us to move freely toward our very best and happiest life.

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The challenges we face in life don’t stop coming. 

What changes is our response to them. 

EFT, used as a regular practice, brings us clarity, focus, self-trust, intelligence …

… and an inclination towards Joy … whatever challenges come our way…

'We are still learning why EFT works so well. It centers around the profound effects of the body's subtle energies, using the theory that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system.'
Gary Craig. Founder of Gold Standard EFT.

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