A bit about Debs .....

Hello. I’m Debs.

I’m a coach and I help people who are empathic, sensitive and intuitive, and who struggle with lack of confidence, burn-out and overwhelm how to stand in their own power, build self-belief and resilience, and thrive.

Debs Sage Lic. Ac.

Debs is one of life’s enthusiastic and avid learners. She’s never more content than when she’s embarking on a new learning adventure.
One of her alter egos is probably a sponge, because she just soaks it all up!

And then she starts making connections …
The field of learning that has become both her speciality and her passion, is Holistic Therapy and Energy Medicine techniques.
She had a traumatic childhood, and so the need to reach out for healing was imperative for her by the time she reached her twenties, particularly as she was let down by allopathic medicine.
And so she searched further afield.
And throughout the years between then and now, her wide range of knowledge and understanding has continued to grow, to broaden and to integrate.
So it’s not surprising that over two decades after qualifying as a traditional Five Element Acupuncturist, she first became curious and then enthralled by EFT/Tapping.

Tapping has now become her mainstay as a creative life and personal development coach for people who have so much to offer and yet struggle to find their way.
Because her life purpose is to share her considerable experience, knowledge and intuition, with everyone who’s ready.
She shows people who struggle with lack of confidence and enduring difficulties in manifesting money and abundance, how to to create a fulfilling life, build confidence, flourish and be of value on this earth. Because the world needs all of us to show up as the very best version of ourselves.

And the change starts within each one of us.
Debs has been through her own deep transformation and healing process, and is now certain that actually, the process never ends, it’s the path of life; to continue to grow, to develop, to learn, to heal and to connect and share.

She’s developing her skills as a teacher and communicator because she wants to share her knowledge, her understanding and her unique take on it all, with as many as want to learn and grow with her.

As a teacher and coach, she’s warm, kind, insightful and incredibly intuitive.
She sees things that aren’t always obvious and she connects things that seem impossibly separate but turn out to make sense, and she weaves a healing energy around anyone who asks.

And she’s creative too, her dad was an incredibly creative and talented artist, and she soaked up a bit of that too.
Sometimes miraculously, many different elements come together in her coaching style, in her teaching and in the programs she creates and offers the world.
Working with Debs is quite a ride, and you’ll always feel better, more productive, more powerful and more authentic, and your life will feel richer and more meaningful as a result.

My Healing Path began many years ago....a bit more about me by me...

I’ve studied many forms of Holistic Therapy, and gained various accredited qualifications and certificates along the way.  In terms of my understanding of good health from a holistic viewpoint, Acupuncture has been my guiding light since the start of my journey.

I stepped on to the healing path early in life.

Until I started to dive really deep, and unearth buried pain and hurt. That's when I began to 'get' myself...and understand what's been going on behind the scenes. And then everything began to change.

Through a lifetime of exploring healing modalities I ‘ve gathered so much awareness and intuition into how human beings function.  How we feel, how we think … why we behave like we do and what stops us living our best lives.

Given my studies, my practices and my interests over many years, I can’t tell you how astonished I was by my initial encounters with Emotional Freedom Techniques….aka EFT …aka Tapping!

Nearly ten years ago, I came across a small ad. on social media, and I clicked it.  I don’t really know why, I guess I just have a curious mind!

I watched a short video on youtube of someone Tapping on their face.

Frankly, there was a loud voice in my head saying: ‘Why on earth are you still watching this?’

Thankfully, there was another voice saying: ‘Just hang on a minute.  I just want to see what’s happening here.’ …..

And the rest is history … herstory … mystory …

Qualifications and Experience

Authorised Tapping into Wealth Coach

Level 3 (+1+2) : Diploma Emotional Freedom Techniques ~ Distinction.

Licentiate to Practice Traditional Chinese Five-Element Acupuncture.

I studied Traditional Chinese Acupuncture with Professor J R Worsley at The School of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in the UK.  I practiced TCA for many years.

Licenced Certificate to practice The Feldenkrais Method.

I studied The Feldenkrais Method in Paris with Myriam Pfeffer.

Reiki Level 2.

I practiced Soto Zen with Jean Baby and Nancy Amphoux both in the UK and at La Gendronniere : Zen Temple in the Loire Valley, France. I continue in my Zen practice to this day.

I did a long NLP weekend many years ago with John Grinder, one of the original Founders of NLP.

I am a member of Gary Craig’s OEFT Course.

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