Creating Vision Boards

Create Vision Boards that are unique and personalised! (With a little help!)

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In this section you will find a wealth of free tips and ideas about how to create vision boards + lots of visual inspiration! ..... Enjoy!

Here’s a few ideas if you want to make your own vision boards at home x

Look at different vision board formats ….. including fold-out … scrapbook … poster and even digital formats in creative apps.

Focus on different themes, and why you might use different themes anyway?

Look for images and choose the best ones for you.  Make certain that the images you find online are OK to download and make use of.

Enjoy the process of putting everything together so you end up with a beautiful and unique vision board, that you enjoy looking at time after time.  Because it’s a great way to keep your dreams and hopes active by putting your board somewhere visible to you, and/or keeping it where you can get it out and reflect on it most days… so we need to make sure it looks good!


Creating Personalised Vision Boards ..

As an integral part of your everyday life creating your own vision boards has the potential to bring your hopes and ideas from the world of dreams, and into your present reality ... in powerful and unexpected ways ... !

Making vision boards will help you focus on what really matters. As you discover visual images that correspond to your feelings ... and your sense of how you would like it all to be ... and words and phrases that match, you will create imaginative and inspiring boards that reflect you and your dreams completely ... bringing you closer to them.

vision board collage of seedling and blossom with wording: grow, thrive, expand, succeed
images of people with arms outstretched reaching for the sky ~ words accentuate the positive

Accentuate the Positive Vision Board credits:

Lyrics by Johnny Mercer

All images from Pexels : Min An, Oleksandr Pidvalnyi, Tetyana Kovyrina

At the bottom of this page you can find a link to a Beginners’ Guide to Tapping and elsewhere on this site you will discover lots of advice about how to use Tapping successfully.

Vision Boards emphasise the Positive!

Always use positive and inspiring images when you create vision boards.

Vision Boards are there to make you smile, thrill you, motivate you, calm you, de-stress you, and to remind you how amazing you really are!

They’re there for reflection and contemplation too ….

So don’t use images that have negative connotations.

The same with the words…

Choosephrases that are positive, uplifting, enthusing, exciting.

Choose words that are stabilising, calming, relaxing …

And when you create your vision boards, do it when you’re in a good mood because the experience should be really good fun and deeply absorbing. 

However, be aware that creating positive statements and intentions in the form of vision boards (or other types of powerful self-affirmation), can cause a negative reaction inside of us.  Voices saying : ‘oh well you’ll never achieve that  … you’re not good enough … clever enough … smart enough … deserving enough … etc.  etc.  Sound familiar?

And that’s where EFT/Tapping can help.  It can help a lot.  By focusing on the negative and self-limiting beliefs, and literally Tapping them all away.

Which is why combining Vision Boards with Tapping is so perfect.

Your Vision Board becomes something that inspires and motivates you .... as well as giving pause ... for contemplation and reflection ... on those things that really matter to you ...

always make

time to dream

we think we don't have time to daydream ... but perhaps we don't have time not to?

I don’t know about you, but so often I think that daydreaming is just wasting time ….

I wonder why I think that …. ?

So if, like me, you need permission to daydream then you’ve come to the right place!

Daydreaming is a fantastic way to get in touch with you, how you feel, what you want and what you’d like to do.  Daydreaming is a fabulous preparation for creating a vision board …. whatever theme you’re choosing to work on.


Whether you're aching to get going on a new project ... or need time and space to think about what next? ... or you're living through a difficult or challenging chapter in your life ... or looking for more self-confidence and faith in yourself ... or simply don't know which direction to turn in ... or ... or ...
Creating vision boards will help you find clarity ... focus ... patience ... enthusiasm ... optimism ... energy ... peace ... + + +
whatever you need right now ... and for your future well-being and fulfillment ... ... Creating vision boards will help you find your way ...

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Where to begin creating a vision board?

You can create vision boards in two main formats ...

And if you’re like me, you’ll want to try them both!

The first way is to buy a really nice scrap book, maybe with a spiral binding so it lies flat.  And at least A4 size.  That way you’ll have room to expand.

The second way is to create boards entirely digitally!

If you have creative apps. as well as drawing apps. you can make gorgeous vision boards and then file them for your private use on your computer, tablet or phone … or maybe share some of them on social media.   It’s up to you. 

I share some …. and I keep some just for me.

Always do what feels right to you. That's the most important guideline there is.  Share only if it feels a positive thing to do!

Collage of words and images. Make time for reflection, peace, silence, calm.
vision board collage ~ stone promontory out to sea with wording clarity and focus

I actually love my scrap book because it’s textural and varied and I can add all sorts of bits and bobs like concert tickets …. stickers …. found objects … ribbon …. cards I’ve received …. you name it … if it gives me a good feeling I add it.

But then the digital boards can have a magical life of their own. You can play with images, sizings, use some great fonts and easily drag and drop images from one place to another. And you can use painting and drawing apps. to enhance your image boards.

Either way, the vast number of photos and images available online that are free and available for personal use makes creating a vision board so very exciting.

Don’t rush it.  Sometimes a board can take days to evolve.  Particularly the important ones. 

Browse images, and take the time to listen to how they’re speaking to you …. don’t just go for the first one that ‘fits’ … find the one that makes you tingle!

And then you can ask yourself why a particular image leaps out at you?  What are the feelings it inspires?

Listen to yourself and what is calling to you.  And ask yourself why. By reflecting in this way you will create vision boards with which you can really connect with, particularly over time.

And of course, follow your intuition.

Get Going and Get Creative ...

You can start just by finding images online or in magazines, and then print, cut and paste into you book.  Come up with a few words that motivate you or make you smile.

But don’t stop there!

Whatever you consider your artistic skills to be … you can draw, paint, colour and personalise your boards in any way you like.  Colouring pencils, crayons, paints, felt pens ….  whatever materials you have  … fabric … ribbons …newspaper …

Maybe you’re a keen photographer, so don’t hesitate to use your own photos!

Anything goes!

Just remember that this is about you!

Your feelings … your hopes … 

 … your dreams …

vision board collage of images and words- pen paper crayons stickers photos ~ get creative!

One of the best ways to get going is to pick a theme ...

eft sunrise with words : live the life you are truly meant to live ~ find freedom

Working on a particular theme will help you focus.

It also stops your vision boards from becoming too chaotic!

Begin by picking a theme that seems important to you ….

I’ve outlined a few suggestions below …

Focus on the theme, and start thinking, daydreaming  and wondering about how you’d really like your life to be … specifically regarding that theme.

When you’re in the zone start browsing for images you can connect with.

You’re likely to find that themes ‘overlap’ and blend into each other.  That’s fine.  That’s how it should be.

 ~ abundance ~ independence ~ security ~ ambition ~ money ~ work ~

~ physical health ~ vitality ~ healthy eating ~ fitness ~ exercise ~

~ emotional well-being ~ happiness ~ sense of belonging ~ relationships ~

                   ~ self-worth ~ inner peace ~ fulfillment ~ contentment ~

There are lots of ways to integrate Tapping with your Vision Boards ...
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