Chakra-Inspired Vision Boards
Online Group
7 week Teaching Program

Learn exactly how your Chakras are working for you,

and how you can create balance in  your life.

Unleash your creativity designing your personalised vision board journal.

Unlock the wisdom of the Seven Chakras, and explore what happens when each Chakra becomes wounded.

Heal your Chakras with Live Deep-Dive Tapping Sessions, Guided by Me.

This is a highly interactive Live Seven Week Program.

Each weekly session you will :

Create your own Personalised Beautiful Chakra Vision Board Journals.

Explore the unique aspects of a particular Chakra.

Receive weekly, printable, inspirational, digital Resource Books for each Chakra.

Go through focused guided Tapping Sessions with me.

Receive Weekly Affirmations to consolidate your inner work.

Plus… ++ There is a Free Surprise Bonus Session in Week 8 **


Release the blocks to manifesting your most
abundant and creative life by tapping into the energetic power of your Chakra,.

The entire program will be online, in the comfort of your own home.
You will receive detailed information about what you need to bring along!

How can this program help me?

What happens when your chakras are damaged, wounded, scarred or closed?

  • Maybe you feel stuck. Anxious. Going round in circles.
  • You feel unable to move forward in your life, even though it feels like time is slipping by.
  • However hard you’ve tried, you haven’t manifested what deep down you truly know you want.
  • Rather than consistently accessing your powerful vital energy, you often feel tired and lacklustre.
  • At important moments, you find yourself procrastinating and endlessly distracting yourself.
  • Perhaps you avoid making decisions at all costs. 
  • Sometimes you feel like you’re in a fog, you can’t see clearly, or act with clarity in your own best interests.
  • And the truth is, you feel unable to experience real  joy and contentment in your life.

This incredible blend of creative vision boards, an exploration of the wisdom of the Chakras and the extraordinary proven healing capacity of Tapping, will bring you from procrastination and uncertainty to a place of standing in your own power and attracting and manifesting the creative and abundant life you truly desire.

Program teacher

Deborah Nancy Sage Lic. Ac.

Authorised Tapping into Wealth Coach

EFT Level 3 Practitioner

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