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Hello. I’m Debs.

I show creative people who are passionate about their creative gifts, dreams and talents, but who struggle with self-doubt, and a deep lack of confidence in their earning capacity,  how to clear the inner blocks to creating a financially rewarding and abundant life doing what they love doing.

Debs Sage Lic. Ac.

Coach, Mentor and Creative.

My Healing Path began many years ago.

I’ve studied many forms of Holistic Therapy, and gained various accredited qualifications and certificates along the way.  In terms of my understanding of good health from a holistic viewpoint, Acupuncture has been my guiding light since the start of my journey.

My personal journey towards healing really began when I was a small child.  Tragedy hit my life when I was too young to understand what was happening, and as I grew up, I became increasingly anxious.  I have lived with chronic anxiety most of my life.

It felt so normal to me I accepted it as part of my personality.  It was as though I lived life peering through a veil of anxiety and uncertainty.  Always assuming that something bad was about to happen.  I also acquired a need to solve problems and fix situations.  These two aspects of my ‘personality’ drove too many of my choices and decisions.

Through a lifetime of exploring healing modalities I have gathered much awareness and intuition into how human beings function.  How we feel, how we think … why we behave like we do and what stops us living our best lives.

Given my studies, my practices and my interests over many years, I cannot tell you how astonished I was by my initial encounters with Emotional Freedom Techniques.

I happened upon a little advertisement on social media, and I clicked it.  I don’t really know why, I guess I just have a curious mind!

I watched a short video of someone Tapping on their face.  Frankly, there was a loud voice in my head saying: ‘Why on earth are you still watching this?’

Thankfully, there was another voice saying: ‘Just hang on a minute.  I just want to see what’s happening here.’

Like I say ... I have a curious mind ...

And what I quickly discovered was that it worked. I Tapped on my face and hands, and I felt better. And whatever anyone says about the impossibility of EFT doing anything at all, never mind reaching into the depths of our sub-conscious and initiating profound healing, my own experience unequivocally tells me differently. The researchers will eventually catch up I’m sure!

I was in a sort of state of shock. How could such a light, simple, sometimes playful activity have such extraordinary results. Let’s face it, healing is supposed to be hard. A struggle. It requires soul-searching, delving into deep, dark places that are uncomfortable to visit and difficult to acknowledge, let alone heal. I can honestly say that EFT has brought me to new places in terms of positivity, self-esteem, confidence and peace of mind that I thought would always be beyond me.

I’ve spent the last few years studying EFT: on-line, attending workshops in London and Paris, reading anything I can find, and I am now a member of the founder of Gold Standard EFT, Gary Craig’s innovative OEFT course (more on that elsewhere).

I have of course assimilated much of what I already knew via Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, as well as other holistic therapies into my understanding and practice of EFT.

Qualifications and Experience

Level 3 (+1+2) : Certificate Emotional Freedom Techniques ~ Distinction.

Licentiate to Practice Traditional Chinese Five-Element Acupuncture.

I studied Traditional Chinese Acupuncture with Professor J R Worsley at The School of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in the UK.  I practiced TCA for many years.

Licenced Certificate to practice The Feldenkrais Method.

I studied The Feldenkrais Method in Paris with Myriam Pfeffer.

Reiki Level 2.

I practiced Soto Zen with Jean Baby and Nancy Amphoux both in the UK and at La Gendronniere : Zen Temple in the Loire Valley, France. I continue in my Zen practice to this day.

I did a long NLP weekend many years ago with John Grinder, one of the original Founders of NLP.

I am now a member of Gary Craig’s OEFT Course.

In my other life, I worked for many years with people with Learning Disabilities, specifically enabling clients to live freer and more independent lives.

I have many and various creative outlets in my life, particularly quilting, photography and sketching.


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