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Newsletter Jun 5th 2022

Before I start, I want to say hello again to all my long-term subscribers (who will remember me in a former incarnation ‘EFT South UK’). So much as happened since I last said hi!
My website has received a complete revamp; including a name change (there’s link at the end if you want to check it out), and I’ve also done a lot more training. I signed up for an intensive coaching program, from which I’ve now qualified, and I also gained Level 3 practitioner level in Emotional Freedom Techniques with distinction!

But enough of me … How are you? What’s been happening for you? If you’d like to contact me, for a free no-obligation chat, there’s a contact form on the website. I’d love to hear from you.
The new name of my website is Finding North. It’s about coming home to yourself. Finding your own guiding light through personal development, naturally….

I’d also like to say Hello and Welcome to all my recent subscribers.
Thank you for being here!

Today I thought I’d write a bit about making it happen …..
… which is a hot topic for me!

Because I’ve noticed there are so many people like me, who have creative ideas but who either never start them, or lose interest in them somewhere in the middle, or, as in my case, never get around to finishing them.
Sometimes it feels like creating your best life is impossible!

So many of us end up living our lives feeling like there’s something missing, but feeling powerless to change that.

I have to tell you something that I know for certain: It’s an inside job.
It’s always, 100% of the time something to do with lack of self-belief, self-esteem or self-worth.

And it shows up in some form of procrastination.
And we are really so good at procrastinating, because we’ve been practicing procrastination for years.
We know exactly how to convince ourselves that abandoning our hopes and dreams is OK.

My procrastination skills usually revolve around not being perfect. Whether it’s me, or my creation, I start to focus on everything that’s not right. I then move on to not being good enough. And then I ask myself ‘What’s the point?’ And then I don’t finish and I start on a new idea….

We all have different procrastination ‘skills’. (Convincing procrastination is an art form!).
And they’re all rooted in a lack of self-belief.

People who bring something to fruition have an abundance of self-belief already.
It’s the only difference. I’ll say that again. It really is the only difference.

And the thing is, if we’ve lost self-belief, there are good reasons why we lost it, and why it’s hard to rebuild.
That’s how I help. That’s what I’m good at. Rebuilding self-belief and confidence.
Because I had to do it for myself…. or more exactly, keep doing it for myself, because it’s an ongoing practice!
The upside for me is that now, I love helping other people make it happen too! Because I know how good it feels.

I am always delighted when I get to help people who feel like their life could be richer and more creative, but who really struggle with lack of confidence, and lack of belief in themselves or simply don’t know how to Make It Happen!!



In the end, my growing feeling is that what we most want is peace.
We want peace of mind, peace within ourselves, and peace around us.
Peace is probably another word for happiness.

And we don’t get to experience it when we’re living with a restless mind, or a feeling of being unfulfilled at a personal level.
Usually, there’s past trauma or challenges in childhood that cause us to disconnect from our needs, our preferences … and actually, our right to be here, living our best life.
So we don’t experience that elusive sense of being present right now; wherever we are and whatever we’re doing, and feeling at peace with ourselves in the moment.

So I want wish you the very best opportunities to live your very best life, however that manifests for you.

Look for ways to outwit procrastination, and move forward with energy and resilience.
Notice when you start to distract yourself or lose interest.
Challenge yourself to move through it and make the best use of your time.
Learn to believe in your perfectly imperfect self! xx

Meanwhile here in the UK it’s a quiet bank holiday with typically changeable weather, and I’m learning how to properly relish absolute quiet. That’s another story. One I will tell sometime.
I know that there are all kinds of entertainments in my local area but you know what, sometimes, planting out a few strawberry plants (belatedly) and lazing in the garden under the rustling of the silver birch leaves feels plenty entertaining enough!
I wish everyone a plentiful, peaceful and entertaining week wherever you are and whatever you’re doing…. Enjoy it.
Best wishes.

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