A Message of Appreciation

Newsletter 19 June 2022

I want to send out a message of appreciation.
Why? Because I guess at the moment I know how hard staying close and true to yourself can be … sometimes too hard.
So this is what I really want to say today.

I love the people in the world who are truly engaged in figuring out how to show up better, feel better, love better and do better.
People stepping on the path to greater freedom and joy and compassion.
I enjoy those people so very much.

People who know in their hearts that the world can, and wants, to be a better place, and they in turn want to be part of that.
People with curious minds. People with open minds.
People who know they don’t know.

People who understand that there’s no such thing as perfection, there’s just another step along the way.
People who are striving to understand how to be present and imperfectly themselves.
I admire those people so much.

People who put themselves through some pain to get to the other side.
People who find ways of helping others just because.
I am in awe of all those people.

Thank you all of you for being in the world and engaging in the world the way you do.
I honour you all.
Thank you for being you.
I appreciate all of you.

Debs xx

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