Creative Coaching
for Creative People

I show creative people who feel the need for change in the world, but who struggle with lack of confidence and feelings of powerlessness; how to step into their creative energy, stand in their own true power, earn more money, and love the life they live.

And have the resources and confidence to make the change they want to make!

       And I make it fun, interesting, revelatory and inspiring for you.

Just for you.
Because you matter.

And because the world needs you to be your very best self.

Deborah Nancy Sage Lic. Ac.


Build Confidence


Be of Value

We’re living amidst a fast changing world. Not only do we need healing on a global scale, we need transformation and a major reset of what we once believed was possible.
For some of us this feels a little frightening. Where to start? What to do? How to live this life to its very best?

It seems there are more questions than answers.

The thing is…… real change starts from within each one of us.

I’m here to offer real opportunities to engage in learning more about who you really are, what you really want, how you can live your best and most meaningful life, and how to gather the power and the resources you need to negotiate the troubled waters that surround us all.

My coaching style is designed to build your confidence, resilience, and clarity as well as to ascertain your own individual and unique gifts and strengths.

Because we all need to thrive. Financially. Emotionally. Practically… and Spiritually too. We need to discover the path that will take us there……

Now more than ever in these unprecedented times.

be the change .... you want to see in the world

What does that really mean?

It means stepping into a place of confidence, empowerment and self-knowledge, that radiates from you like sunshine, and touches everyone you connect with.

It means showing up as  the best possible version of yourself….. Not perfect. Just more authentically you.

It means going through some sort of internal transformation that opens you up to the reality of new possibilities.

I can show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Autumn 2021 Program Details Coming Soon!


Stand in your own true power with Confidence and Clarity with this phenomenal combination!

Unlock the wisdom of the Seven Chakras, and explore what happens when each Chakra becomes wounded.

Heal your Chakras with Live Deep-Dive Tapping Sessions, Guided by Me.

This is a highly interactive Live Seven Week Program.

Each weekly session you will :

Create your own Personalised Beautiful Chakra Vision Board Journals.

Receive weekly, printable, inspirational, digital Resource Books for each Chakra.

Calm and clear the limiting beliefs behind what holds you back from living your most creative and confident life. 

Communicate with your Inner Child.

Receive Weekly Affirmations to consolidate your inner work.

And … A Free Surprise Bonus Session in Week 8!


Become Unstoppable!


The Program begins in early autumn 2021. The entire program will be online, in the comfort of your own home. You will receive detailed information about what you need to bring along!

All the details and an Early Bird Offer are Coming Soon. Don't miss out!
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I feel passionate about helping creative people clear all the blocks that stop them from living their best, happiest, creative, productive and financially rewarding life.

You have the potential to move through all the fears and the resistance that hold you back

from creating the powerful and abundant life you want.

You have the potential to live a life full of  creativity, confidence, freedom and financial reward.

Don’t you deserve that?

Contact me to have a conversation about your way forward.  Because there is one.

If you’re ready to start unlocking your full potential then
 please contact me for a free, confidential, no-obligation clarity conversation.

 Let’s talk about your hopes, your talents, your cherished dreams and your longed-for goals. 

….And what might be holding you back?

 What do your dreams look like? How can you turn them into reality?

Are there actions you enjoy taking, and others you avoid at all costs? 

How would you like everything to unfold?

 There are practicalities to clarify.  You need a plan. Several actually. And you need clarity around money. 

How much money do you believe you deserve?

 What are your strengths, your weaknesses, and above all, your blindspots?  Where does your deepest resistance lie?  Do you notice when you sabotage yourself?

 Why is all this important to you? 

How will fulfilling your hopes and dreams make you feel? 

What are the rewards you’d really like?

How much money will make you feel comfortable and safe?

At the end of the call we’ll both know if, and how, we can work together.

This is an online service.  So it doesn’t matter where you are in the world!  Nor what time of day it is!

The initial clarity call conversation is completely free. It can be on zoom video, or phone (UK only).

It may take anything up to an hour.  By the end of the call you’ll have a clear idea about how we would work together and we would have an outline of how to move forward.

The plan would broadly cover five stages.  During the call you’ll gain a lot clarity about your situation, and have one or two ‘aha moments’, where a few things will fall into place.

At the end of the call, I will make you an offer, entirely based on what you’re looking for and how I can help.

If you’re ready to move forward in your life, and have had enough of putting it all off, then contact me  via the link.

My Promise to you....

…. is to offer you my 100% engagement, experience, intuition and skills to help you achieve your best and most fulfilling artistic life.  I’m a fantastic problem solver, so whatever your unique story, however far you’ve come, I can guide through.  Click the key below to book your free no-obligation clarity call.

 ~ whatever blocks are preventing you from moving forward ~

~ there are ways to clear them from your path ~

 ~ I use an immensely powerful innovative therapeutic technique known as Tapping ~

~ whether you’ve come across Tapping  before or not, you will learn new and direct methods from me that you will be able to use on your own in time, once you’ve become familiar with them.  You will be surprised how incredibly effective Tapping is! ~

 ~ I also employ various other techniques that will be entirely personalised to cater to you and your specific needs ~

~ there is a way forward  ~

Click the key below for a completely free, clarity call, by phone or zoom, to decide on your next move!

‘Don’t die with the music still in you.’  Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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