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Deborah Nancy Sage Lic. Ac.

Authorised Tapping into Wealth Coach

Level 3 EFT Practitioner

I’m a coach and I help you heal the past and create new possibilities for the future.

I show people who struggle with feeling stuck and uncertain which way to turn, how to find the faith and belief in

themselves to create the life they would love to live.

Manifest Money ~ Miracles ~ Marvels and More ...

A complete transformational coaching program designed specifically
for people with big hopes and dreams and a powerful desire to
make them come true!


I show people with big dreams who struggle with lack of confidence, self-doubt and procrastination, and feel stuck and don’t know how to make it happen, how to create a thriving and financially rewarding life doing what they love and dream of.

My Promise to you....

…. is to offer you my 100% engagement, experience, intuition and skills to help you achieve your best and most fulfilling life. 

I’m a fantastic problem solver, so whatever your unique story, however far you’ve come, I can guide you through.  Whatever blocks are preventing you from moving forward, there are ways to clear them from your path.

 I use a powerful innovative therapeutic technique known as Tapping, and whether you’ve come across Tapping  before or not, you will learn new and direct methods from me that you will be able to use on your own in time, once you’ve become familiar with them.  You will be surprised how incredibly effective Tapping is!

Lodestar Coaching

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Don’t give up on yourself… you have too much to offer

Debs xx

A personal and professional account

of coaching, being coached,

why it matters, and how it helps.

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