Life Balance Coaching

I show people who are struggling with feeling stuck in aspects of their life, how to free themselves up and create the abundant and fulfilling life they would love to live.


Deborah Nancy Sage Lic. Ac.

Authorised Tapping into Wealth Coach

Level 3 EFT Practitioner

Reiki Level 3



I offer an online One-to-One Coaching Service.

Wherever you feel stuck in life I can help you move forward.



Body Image?

Direction in Life?

Grow. Glow.
Be You.

Powerful.  Insightful.  Focused.  Revelatory.

Designed to get you unstuck effectively and speedily. Because feeling stuck is no fun!

Pay per Session.

£60.00 for a full 60 minutes

Homework Included (optional but recommended)

And I also offer….

The Two Month Breakthrough Transformational Program

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Where  do you feel stuck in life?



Body Image?

Do you feel stuck in a life you didn’t choose?

Would you like to get unstuck?

Two Month Transformational CoachiingProgram
in Seven Steps


Program Contents

Free No-Obligation Clarity Conversation

Four  x Two-Hour Break-Through Sessions

+ Quick Start Session

+ Consolidation Session

+ Personalised Affirmations

+ Recap of each Session via email

+ Recordings of each Session

+ Homework

Step One : Clarity Call Session : (60-90 minutes).

Completely free, and with no obligation, this session is designed
to bring clarity.

During this call, you will get clear about the issues that hold you back, and how I can help.

Regardless of whether or not you take it any further, you will still benefit from the clarity this session brings you.

You will gain great motivation and a sense of purpose.

Whatever you decide,
you will leave this session with
immense clarity
and you will know what your next best move is.

Step Two : Quick Start Session (30-45 minutes)

(once you’ve signed up)

Let’s make a plan!

Let’s prepare so every minute of our time together counts!

Let’s decide on your priorities!

Let’s create a personal goal!

At the end of this session you will have a clear map of
where you want to go ~
and what your best route is.

Step Three :Your first Ground-Breaking Session
(2 hours)

Be prepared for a deep dive into your most pressing and urgent issues.

Now begins your journey of exploration and discovery.

Together we will unlock the old beliefs that hold you back.

You will have unexpected revelations and ‘aha’ moments, and everything will start to make sense.

How would you feel if you could grow your confidence,
your clarity, your trust in your intuition,
and your faith in your super-powers?
What could you achieve?
How would it feel?

Steps Four, Five and Six : 3 Break-Through Sessions
(6 hours in total)

Powerful deep dives into what keeps you stuck.

Leaving no stone unturned ~

until your beautiful empathic gifts flow freely, sustainably and powerfully.


How would it feel to have someone with you

every step of the way?

Someone who knows how to avoid the pitfalls ~ 

 ~ and can get you there by the most direct route?


Step Seven : Consolidation...and... Where Next? (60 minutes)

As the program comes to a close,

together we will consolidate how far you’ve come!!

How much work you’ve covered!

We will take time to appreciate and celebrate your gifts and accomplishments!

Standing in your true empathic power.

Trusting your Intuition.

Following your Guiding Light!

Extras *******

Homework after each session (optional but highly recommended).

Personalised Affirmations.

Recaps. of each session via email.

Recordings of each session : yours to keep.

How much does it cost?

This program is worth over £950.00

 But I want to make it affordable.


The cost is:



Including all the Extras.


But don’t forget, you can’t sign up until we’ve met over zoom and taken the first, completely free and truly no-obligation step of a Clarity Conversation.

Before you sign up, I want you to be certain that this is a great step for you, and that what I can offer you will be what you want.

My Promise to you....

…. is to offer you my 100% engagement, experience, intuition and skills to help you achieve your best and most fulfilling life. 

I’m a fantastic problem solver, so whatever your unique story, however far you’ve come, I can guide you through.  Whatever blocks are preventing you from moving forward, there are ways to clear them from your path.

 I use a powerful innovative therapeutic technique known as Tapping, and whether you’ve come across Tapping  before or not, you will learn new and direct methods from me that you will be able to use on your own in time, once you’ve become familiar with them.  You will be surprised how incredibly effective Tapping is!

Book a Clarity Call to find out more…

If you’re an empath, or if you suspect you might be one, or if you would like to develop your empathic qualities in healthy and happy ways, then this might just be a great group for you to be part of.

The group is free, private, interactive and healing.
And I will be offering regular live Tapping Sessions.
There will also be guest interviews, handy tips, discussions and even the occasional celebratory social.

Remember, empathy truly is a super-power, and people with empathic gifts deserve to thrive and lead full, abundant and meaningful lives and freely express their empathic traits and gifts.

Join if you’d like to be part of a group that offers support, learning, healing, connecting, giving and receiving.


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Don’t give up on yourself… you have too much to offer

Debs xx

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